Which Red Carpet Beauty Hacks Actually Work?

Red Carpet Beauty Hacks

Looking for some proven red carpet beauty hacks? Whether it’s a night out or just lunch, there’s a way to always look like a celeb. Here are six red carpet beauty hacks to will get you looking your absolute best in no time.

6 Red Carpet Beauty Hacks Swiped From Celebrities

Foundation Fix:

Make-up artists to the stars say a foundation brush is a must have. While it may be quicker to blend in foundation with your fingertips, the best way to get that perfect finish is with a foundation brush. It’s a two-step process, however. Dab foundation on five points of your face: forehead, cheekbones, nose, bridge of your nose and chin. Then blend the foundation in circular motions with the brush.

Out of the darkness:

The natural inclination for concealing under eye circles is to swipe on the concealer under the eyes and rub from corner to just under the end of the eye. Instead, strategically add four dots from the inner corner of the eye to the temple and pat the concealer into the skin instead of rubbing.

Powder is a must:

“Yikes! My face ate my makeup!” There’s no better way to keep your face looking as perfect as the minute you put it on than to use a translucent powder. Not only does it set the make up, it soaks up oil and gives you a translucent glow.

The eyes have it!:

If your eyes look sunken in, a white or crème shade slightly put in the corners gives the illusion of wider eyes. For more noticeable glamour, use a silver or another light color that sparkles.

Don’t be afraid:

Many women shy away from a lash curler. But red carpet experts say mascara isn’t enough. Put fear aside; beauty is more important, and learn how to use an eyelash curler. For those of us who are curler savvy, there’s a hack celebrity make up artists use to get their stars lashes looking ooh-la-la! After you’ve given the curler a good squeeze around your lashes, slowly “walk” the appliance away from your lashes for the perfect curl.

Lip service:

No matter what kind of lasting lipstick you use, it never seems to stay put for very long, right? We’ve got the secret. Oil-blotting papers. Apply your first layer of lipstick, blot with the paper, then apply a second layer. It’s the oil in the lipstick that causes it to slide off easily, but the papers put the kibosh on that.

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