Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?

Caffeine Good For Your Nails

So you’re wondering: Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?  From body lotions and cleaners, caffeine infused beauty products are everywhere. It wasn’t long before a company marketed a nailcare product that included the magical ingredient.

In 2017 a cosmetic company created and marketed a line of nail polishes infused with caffeine to catch the attention of coffee and nail polish-loving women across the United States. Unfortunately, there have been questions about whether the caffeine could actually penetrate the fingernails to improve the nails. In fact, Cutex has suggested that individuals who want to grow their nails actually avoid caffeine because they say it diminishes Vitamin A in the body.

Luckily for coffee lovers, there are more effective ways to use caffeine-infused products to improve the look of your nails and the health of your hands in one fell swoop!

If you’re looking for a skincare product that combines caffeine and ingredients to improve the look and health of your hands (which makes your nails look fabulous, no matter what length they may be), you’ll want to find products that use ingredients known for rapid cell regeneration and oils that nourish and moisturize the skin as they cleanse it, like Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub, and finish up with a moisturizer like Soft Whipped Body Cream Vanilla.

Ingredients to Look For:

Chlorogenic Acid

Found in green coffee extract, this antioxidant helps to reduce damage from free radicals and to hasten new cell development.

Avocado Oil

An avocado is high in healthy fats that help the body to hold on to moisture and to reduce inflammation.

Almond Glycerides

From the fatty acids in almond oil, glycerides help to condition the hands, acting as an emulsifier in moisturizers.

Vitamin E

This particular vitamin strengthens nails and adds moisture to the skin and the nails themselves. Added to this, it also can help to keep your nails from yellowing.

If you’re looking to refresh your hand and nail care routine this spring, consider Callysee Cosmetics’ skincare products  to stimulate cell generation, limit damage and hydrate your skin.

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