What Are the Effects of Too Much Coffee on Your Health?

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There’s an old adage that all things are good in moderation. And when it comes to coffee, that is certainly the case if we’re obsessed with it (the point that we put it on our skin to get even more gorgeous!). So what’s all this about the effects of too much coffee on your health?

Drink a moderate amount, and the research is very clear that it offers a number of positive effects on your overall health, including your heart and risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer. Drink too much, however, and the opposite can be true.

With that in mind, we took a closer look at what the research has to say about too much coffee consumption so you can take care of yourself and drink for energy, not the jitters!

Because we’re obsessed with coffee and believe it was made to make you feel awesome and look beautiful, not to harm your health!

What Are the Effects of Too Much Coffee on Your Health?

#1 It makes you jittery and nervous.

The caffeine in coffee can have some detrimental effects as you up your intake more and more. One of those is an overall feeling of shakiness, nervousness and irritability, which are certain to not have you feeling your best (it’s more a recipe for a disastrous day, amirite?).

#2 It disrupts sleep.

Along the same lines, too much coffee keeps you tossing and turning all night instead of getting restful sleep. And considering the overall importance of a good night’s sleep, this can lead to a number of other health complications.

How late you can drink your last cup of coffee of the day will vary – for some people it’s noon, for others it’s 4 pm, and a few weirdos (JK) can drink it at bedtime with no repercussions. Test it out, but of course the earlier you drink coffee in the day, the better your chances of not screwing with your sleep (one of the worst effects of too much coffee if you ask us).

#3 It raises blood pressure.

High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer.” Though it has no symptoms, it poses major risks to your overall health in the long run. And being a big-time coffee addict is sure to send those pressure levels rocketing, which even in the short-term is terrible because you won’t feel like yourself and chances are you’ll feel the annoyances of point #1: jitters and nervousness, even anxiety.

#4 It damages the liver.

The liver is an interesting case study, as moderate amounts of coffee actually protect the liver. Yet the science is clear that when you get into the 5 to 7 cup per day range, the opposite is true.

#5 It hurts the bones.

Too much coffee leaches essential nutrients such as calcium from the bones, leaving them weaker, and the long-term impact can be an increased risk of osteoporosis as you age. Getting more vitamin D and calcium via your diet and lifestyle can help, but so can cutting back on coffee consumption juuust a bit.

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