5 Positive Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

Callyssee Coffea Arabica - 5 Positive Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

Caffeine often gets a bad rap. When you picture someone who’s had too much caffeine, what you often see is a jittery, nervous wreck of a human being. But is this reputation deserved? Not necessarily, says the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics. The effects of caffeine on your body are beneficial and plentiful.

As it turns out, caffeine has a variety of complicated impacts on the body that can be both good and bad. But if you use caffeine responsibly, in the right ways and in the right amounts, it can do a lot more good than harm. Here are a few things to consider.

5 Positive Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

#1 It reduces the risk of heart disease

A major recent study of more than 400,000 men and women conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that those who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who did not.

#2 It holds off Alzheimer’s

Caffeine might wake you up, but it appears to give a jolt to the brain in other ways, as well. A recent study showed that drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee in your 40s and 50s reduced the risk of getting Alzheimer’s in your 70s by up to 70 percent.

#3 It curbs the chances of cancer

A number of studies have now shown that regular coffee consumption just might reduce the risk of all kinds of cancers. It’s shown positive results for everything from mouth and throat cancer to uterine cancer to colon, liver and prostate cancer.

#4 It reduces the odds of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is another disease that has consistently shown a lower risk among coffee drinkers than non-coffee drinkers in scientific studies.

#5 It makes the skin look younger

This research is more recent than the others on the list, but the results have definitely been promising about coffee and skincare. The caffeine present in coffee seems to have a significant impact on the skin, dilating blood vessels and making the skin smoother and brighter.

You can get the positive effects of caffeine on your body and skin from the wide variety of products available in the Callyssee Cosmetics line of skincare and beauty products. From exfoliators to moisturizers and beyond, skincare products with caffeine have plenty to offer in terms of healthy skin.

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