Does Drinking Coffee Speed Up the Ageing Process?

Coffee Speed Up the Ageing Process

Could drinking coffee speed up the ageing process? You’ve probably heard the warnings that coffee can make you look older prematurely.  But new research may shed some new light on how coffee affects the ageing process.

The myth that coffee speeds up the ageing process has been out there for years. It’s true that coffee can act as a diuretic, making it harder for the body to retain moisture. But if you drink plenty of water or other liquids, there’s less of an issue.

So Does Drinking Coffee Speed Up the Ageing Process?

Coffee May Slow Aging by Reducing Inflammation

Research unveiled in 2017 conducted by David Furman and other researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, noted that caffeine may actually slow the aging process. It’s the anti-inflammatory properties in caffeine that make that possible.   

Inflammation is part of the aging process; it also plays a role in cardiovascular and other age-related health issues. The caffeine that study participants consume can actually lower levels of activity in two gene clusters related to inflammation.

Another 2017 study conducted in 10 European countries revealed that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death (about 10 percent) from any cause during the 16.4-year study, as compared to individuals who drank no coffee at all.   

Is Drinking Coffee As One Ages a Bad Idea ?

The answer you get will depend on who you ask, and especially on a host of other factors.  Some of those include whether an individual has a sensitivity to caffeine or not, how they care for their skin, and their diet too.

Furman’s research is far from complete, but we’d think that if you take care of yourself,  you may see more good than bad from your coffee consumption. This includes using moisturizers and cleansing products regularly that are designed to improve your complexion, and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. And this is whether you drink coffee or use skincare products that include caffeine or organic green coffee extract in the ingredient lists.

Your daily coffee won’t cause you to look older prematurely, but it may help you live longer!

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