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Soothe Tired Hands and Feet

How Can I Soothe Tired Hands and Feet?

You’re probably looking for a solution that will help you soothe tired hands and feet. You’ve had a long day, but you’re home and it’s finally over. Consider adding a caffeine scrub or moisturizer to your end-of-the day routine to soothe the muscles that have gotten so much work during the day.    There are…

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Caffeine Good For Your Nails

Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?

So you’re wondering: Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?  From body lotions and cleaners, caffeine infused beauty products are everywhere. It wasn’t long before a company marketed a nailcare product that included the magical ingredient. In 2017 a cosmetic company created and marketed a line of nail polishes infused with caffeine to catch the attention…

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caffeine infused moisturizers

Do Caffeine-Infused Moisturizers Work?

You’ve probably heard that much about caffeine-infused moisturizers. It’s not a topic that likely comes to the top of someone’s mind when they’re looking for a new moisturizer. But, caffeine is indeed a popular ingredient in a variety of skincare products, including moisturizers. Isn’t that a bit surprising? You’ve no doubt heard that caffeine is…

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caffeine good for health

Is Caffeine Good For Health?

 Let’s face it: we love coffee. But is caffeine good for health? That is the question… In recent years, a lot of the research involved with coffee and its health benefits has pertained to the high antioxidant content of coffee. Antioxidants are compounds in plants that protect the body from damage from free radicals. And…

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