Body Image Issues: 4 Ways Coffee Products Can Help!

body image issues

Whether it’s social pressure or simply pressure we put on ourselves, all women face body image issues from time to time. This can relate to our shape, our faces, and everything in between. And though a lot of the pressure we put on ourselves is undoubtedly both unrealistic and unfair, recognizing that doesn’t necessarily make the feelings go away.

While self-confidence and retraining your brain are certainly part of the path to being happy with your body, well, it never hurts to have some “secret weapons” on your side, as well. And one interesting ingredient that has shown a lot of promise in recent years is coffee. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callysee Cosmetics to see how it can help.

#1 It Boosts Metabolism

If weight is an issue on your mind, then a moderate amount of coffee consumption can help each day. Studies show that moderate coffee consumption boosts metabolism, which plays a key role in weight loss.

#2 It Enhances the Impact of Exercise

The other way that coffee can help with weight loss is the added boost that it gives to your workout routine. Studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of coffee before a workout can actually improve your exercise endurance. Plus, it also appears to play a role in speeding up recovery once the workout is over.

#3 It Fights the Signs of Aging

As an ingredient in skincare and beauty products, coffee has been shown to work wonders. It prevents wrinkles from occurring, and repair those that have already occurred. This is due to the abundant antioxidant content of coffee.

#4 It Banishes Blemishes

The chlorogenic and ferulic acid in coffee acts like a mild chemical peel. It strips away toxins from the skin and minimizing the chances of developing acne or other blemishes. So if breakouts are to blame for your body image issues, drinking coffee may be your best bet.

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