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Caffeine Good For Your Nails

Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?

So you’re wondering: Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?  From body lotions and cleaners, caffeine infused beauty products are everywhere. It wasn’t long before a company marketed a nailcare product that included the magical ingredient. In 2017 a cosmetic company created and marketed a line of nail polishes infused with caffeine to catch the attention…

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caffeine infused moisturizers

Do Caffeine-Infused Moisturizers Work?

You’ve probably heard that much about caffeine-infused moisturizers. It’s not a topic that likely comes to the top of someone’s mind when they’re looking for a new moisturizer. But, caffeine is indeed a popular ingredient in a variety of skincare products, including moisturizers. Isn’t that a bit surprising? You’ve no doubt heard that caffeine is…

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