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Callyssee Coffea Arabica - 5 Worst Skincare Don'ts for Oily Skin

5 Worst Skincare Don’ts for Oily Skin

Sometimes, the solutions to certain problems is stopping certain things, and oily skin is one of them. That’s because we often engage in habits or practices that make the problem worse. So putting a stop to those is key to improving oily skin. So first, just stop these worst skincare don’ts for oily skin below.…

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Callyssee Coffea Arabica - 3 Ways to Use Coffee for Hyperpigmentation

3 Ways to Use Coffee for Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the scientific term for uneven skin tone – a.k.a. those “sun spots” or “age spots” you suddenly see pop up on your face outta nowhere that make you wanna put your whole bottle of concealer on your face. In many people, excess melanin collects in specific areas of the skin and this leads…

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